Mozilla B2G: Bringing the Open Web to mobile devices

This blog post is refereed on a session which  I run in OpenSUSE collaboration camp 2012 with the title:”Mozilla B2G:Bringing the Open Web to mobile devices ” and had around 20 attendants.

Firefox OS is really known these days as Mozilla’s operating system but nobody knows that under the hood is Mozilla Boot to Gecko.

In my presentation I had the opportunity to explain what is B2G, to present it’s internals and it’s three sub projects Gonk, Gecko, Gaia.

Gonk is the bottom layer of B2G which is responsible for the communication between BG2’s upper layer (Gecko) and device’s hardware. It’s consists a small Linux kernel, with some Android libraries and it’s 100% Open source.

The middle layer of B2G is called Gecko, the known graphics engine which is brought in Firefox too. As you can see, B2G is nothing more than a Firefox in a mobile device.

The top leyer which is the User Interface of B2G is called Gaia and delivers all the revolutionary technologies such as HTML5, WebAPIs and more. Gaia is pure HTML5, JavaScript and CSS which makes it a really easy to edit and hack. Everything is a Web Application in Gaia, even the SMS app. Due to the fact that there are no APIs in HTML5 to make a call, send an sms etc, Mozilla is working on WebAPIs where you will able to control your device writing only pure HTML5 code.

Explaining Mozilla Boot to Gecko in theory is good, presenting it live in a device is AWESOME!

That’s the feedback I received from the audience where they had the chance to play with a Nexus S B2G device. Everyone was impressed and wanted to learn more regarding the mechanisms under the hood such as Gecko and WebAPIs.

I am pretty sure that Mozilla boot to gecko is going to be hacked by a lot of Greek hackers! 😉

Are you interested on hacking Mozilla B2G or Gaia? Visit the project’s hacking page. 😉

Here you can find the presentation file with a lot of details regarding the status and future plans of Firefox OS.

Enjoy 🙂

OpenSUSE Collaboration Camp 2012 review

Who told you that summer has no Open source events or conferences?

Greek OpenSUSE Community had the great idea to organize a special three day event in north Greece where every FOSS contributor was invited to attend, present and have fun.

The concept was unusual but simple. Wake up, swim in the pool, take a breakfast, attend some presentations, lunch break, swim, more presentations, dinner, night swim and finally beers by the pool.

Oh yes, this was really awesome! Despite the fun fact, the event was full will interesting and technical presentations. Here is the list of all presentations:


Introduction to Plasma, LVM Best Practises, VServers, The new KDE features, How to create a community,


Developing with Eclipse, Mozilla – The Web is the Platform : Web Applications, openSUSE at ARM, MPFR, owncloud, The Puppet show, The filesystem hierarchy protocol, using LibreOffice for making good structured documents, Visit Prague,


Setting up a booth How-To, Mozilla B2G : Bringing the Open Web to mobile devices, Trello – Organizing your projects, Gnome translation marathon.

The highlighted presentations were these I enjoyed most but i have to admit that all were wonderful 🙂

Of course Mozilla presentations were not highlighted because I run those sessions. You can find a detailed blogpost for each session.

The Web is the Platform : Web Applications

Mozilla B2G:Bringing the Open Web
to mobile devices

Except the sessions we have the opportunity to discuss a lot of topics regarding the Free and Open Source in Greece, our next steps as a Greek FOSS community and how to motivate new and young people to join and contribute.

There was a moment in Friday night were Kostas Koudaras (OpenSUSE Greece coordinator), Thodoris Chatzimichos (Gentoo), Simos Xenitellis (Ubuntu) and me (Fedora) sat down and discussed without any hates the situation in Greece, our next steps as individual communities, our next steps as joined communities with common beliefs and generally ideas for motivating new people not only to join but to contribute (upstream) as well. For me that was the best “session” I attended because I had the opportunity to share my thoughts, receive a lot of feedback, give feedback and participate in a really intelligence round table.

From my point of view the OpenSUSE collaboration camp 2012 was really successful and I am looking forward to attend maybe a Greek FOSS community (OpenSUSE/Fedora/Ubuntu/Gentoo) collaboration camp 2013 just like the Greek Coding Camp some years ago.

Finally I the organization committee gave to each attendant a beautiful T-shirt and bag full with goodies as shown in the following picture. I want to thank Mozilla and Fedora Project for providing me with stickers, pins and CDs. 

My complete complete photoset can be found here.

Thank you all for the great time I had!

Enjoy 🙂

FossComm 2011, εσείς που θα είστε;;;

Η άνοιξη μπήκε και όπως κάθε χρόνο έτσι και φέτος ετοιμαζόμαστε για μια ακόμη εκδρομή που θα αφήσει εποχή!

Φετινή μας στάση η Πάτρα όπου εκεί θα διοργανωθεί το συνέδριο κοινοτήτων ελεύθερου λογισμικού/λογισμικού ανοιχτού κώδικα το Σαββατοκύριακο 7-8 Μαίου!

Αρπάξτε το λάπτοπ σας, το geeky t-shirt σας, τις κονκάρδες σας καθώς και την καλύτερη σας διάθεση και ελάτε να περάσετε ένα αξέχαστο σαββατοκύριακο γεμάτο ανοιχτό κώδικα, ανοιχτές ιδέες και την ελευθερία να κάνετε ότι θέλετε από το λάπτοπ/λειτουργικό μέχρι και το look σας!

Για εσάς λοιπόν που θα έρθετε μην ξεχάσετε να προ-εγγραφείτε στο συνέδριο προκειμένου η οργανωτική επιτροπή να μπορέσει να πραγματοποιήσει την καλύτερη δυνατή διοργάνωση.

Για τα ανήσυχα πάλι πνεύματα που ενδιαφέρονται να πραγματοποιήσουν κάποια παρουσίαση/workshop στο πιο μαμάτο συνέδριο στην Ελλάδα μην ξεχάσετε να συμπληρώσετε την αντίστοιχη φόρμα ενδιαφέροντος.

Stay tuned to για περισσότερα νέα!

Εσείς που θα είστε;;

pre Fosdem 2011

This blogpost can be described with the following (key)words:

Fosdem, Fedora, FAD, fun, beerfest, hackers, women, mozilla, BSD, Mono and many many more FOSS related events and topics!

I think you got the point!

This weekend I will be in Brussels for FOSDEM 2011 together with a lot of fedora contributors, hackers from all over Greece and approximately 4000+ hackers from all over the world!


Today is a day related to Fedora and beer. In 1pm we are going to have the Fedora Activity Day where all fedora contributors are willing to discuss topics around our favorite community and distro.

After the FAD around 2004 different kinds of beer are waiting for us at the beerfest which is taking place every year the previous day before Fosdem.

So, till my next fosdem related post, cheers!


Athens Digital Week Day 1

Today was the first day of Athens Digital Week and it was great.

First of all I have to admit that I was waiting more from the organization committee. We made them clear that this year we are going to be a larger team, with a lot of swag, laptops, events and many more. So we were waiting a larger booth in a central space inside the event.

Unfortunately we have a smaller booth hidden in a small corner with the rest of the open source communities and foss companies. The only positive is that the talk zone is next to us. Additionally we got only a part of the swag that we ordered from the committee but at least we are thank full for that.

Well, I am going to experience the rest of the event and post my thoughts after the end of it.

Nikos Roussos picture
Nikos Roussos picture

So today after I saw a lot of good friends which I had a really long time to see, I wear my blue Ambassadors polo t-shirt and spread the word of Fedora! 😀

In the open source section except of the Greek Fedora community there was also Hellug and the company EELLAK.

As said before, next to the open source section there is a talk zone where I had the chance to watch Samys Kamkar presentation with the title: How I met your girlfriend. What can I say, Samy was awesome!

After Samy I watched something like a round table around Mobile Security. Unfortunately a lot of the speakers presentations were containing only statistics and nothing more.

Day 2 is dawning so I hope for the best!

For more updates you can check my tweets (in english).

See you tomorrow!

Athens Digital Week 2010

This week, except that is the first week of October, it is also Athens Digital Week 2010 from today (Thursday) till Sunday!

Four days full of Tech talks, workshops and a lot of events are waiting for us in Technopoli, Gazi!

The event is categorized in sections which cover a variety of domain knowledge such as: Robotics, Modding, Gaming, Open Source, Digital Music, Ideas worth spending, digital classroom and many more.

The Fedora community will be there with a nice booth, a lot of talks and some parallel events.


  • Kostas Antonakoglou is going to present Fedora 14 and its new cool features on Sunday at 15:00.
  • I am going to present a Greek Fedora EDU remix and some ways that Fedora as an operating system and its structure can help in Greek education in general. My talk has title Fedora in Education and is on Sunday at 14:00.
  • In Friday at 16:00, Ananstasios Stasinopoulos is going to introduce us Security spin and some hacks.
  • In Friday at 17:00 there is a round table session named *Linux Distros* where Pierros Papadeas is going to represent Fedora.


Except from these presentation in Saturday morning we are hosting a translation marathon for the brand new Fedora 14 release from 11:00am till 13:00am. Come and learn how to be a translator and contribute in your beloved Fedora.

You are waiting for you!
You can download the full Athens Digital Week schedule here.

More updates will be posted soon!

Enjoy! 😉

FUDCon Zurich 2010 Day 2-3 and +1

FUDCon Zurich is unfortunately over and I haven’t posted anything excepts day one!

Day two was really interesting with a lot of nice talks and workshops.

The day’ started with Jared Smith pointing out some enlightening points about Fedoras Future. Jared began his talk with a question about who we think is the worst enemy of Fedora. After some answers (Red Hat, Ubuntu) he answered “US” (not the country) trying to awake us (I guess)! Generally he tried to motivate Fedora people to ask more and more questions and discuss theirs thoughts / problems / ideas for making a more active, reliable and collaborative community!

After Jared it was time for another wonderful workshop by Mairin Duffy about the Fedora Design team. Actually I watched the excellent job that the Design team is doing! Keep it up guys!

After the lunch brake (thanks Nicu for *entertaining* us), Pierros Papadeas (my buddy) present us how the Design suite is created, entirely from scratch. He explained how livecd-tools are working, the structure of a kickstart file and finally, we had the chance to discuss which packages have to been removed or not from the Spin. I am really happy that I saw Gobby tool in action! It’s a pity that we don’t use it more often in talks and especially in workshops.

It was time for a wonderful one hour talk from Tom Callaway regarding Legal and Licensing. Spot gave us some good examples of some Legal and Licensing cases over the years.

Alright folks, the day was almost over and I say almost because in 7pm it was time for FudPub! The hole fedora team was having a dinner in a beautiful Italian restaurant near the EPH University.

After an one hour walk in Zurichs downtown, taking a lot of pictures and pwning Nicu we headed back to the restaurant where the hole crew was waiting hungry, ready to eat and get drunk!

During the lunch we had some really interesting discussions where the closing of Fedora e.V. was a trending topic in my table. I have to admit that I am really unhappy and against the Red Hats decision to close Fedora e.V. despite the fact that this action was their only choice as Jared said.

Moving forward, FudPub was one of the highlight moments of this FUDCon where I had the chance to meet more Fedora people and to discuss with Peter Robinson about how could I contribute in Sugar on a Stick and Education Spin.

Back to the hotel to get some rest and to be prepared for a day full of hacking 😉

Sunday, FUDCons day three was a barcamp day without any fixed program where everyone was free to suggest his topic to bee discussed. After writing down the suggestions, everyone voted his favorite topics and finally we had a well organized and *voting* shared program.

Unfortunately some of the topics were the same with FudCon’s talks or workshops. I say unfortunately because I did not see a lot of interest from the attendees in most of them.

Although we had a really interesting and constructive talk at Ambassadors EMEA session around our EMEA program, our weekly meetings and Johns schedule regarding Ambassadors. More updates are going to be posted in the mailing list. 🙂

On Monday now we had scheduled to visit CERN in Genova. Because the train tickets were too expensive we (the Greeks) decided to rent a car and drive to Genova. Unfortunately the renting car company was opening after the time we had to leave from Zurich, so finally we stayed in Zurich. Despite that fact we had a great time exploring Zurich, having a ride with the boat, and having (for my first time) Suchi. Additionally we visited Googles offices where by accident we had the chance to see Google’s street view car from the inside (shh, don’t tell it to anyone!)! You can check all the photos from our trip visiting my picasa web album (more photos will be uploaded soon).

I also am going to write a FUDCon recap blog post with some pros and cons from this event.

See you 🙂

FUDCOn Zurich day 1

Yesterday (Friday) I didn’t have the chance to blog anything because we were asleep for almost 38 hours.

First of all i want to thank Sandro Mathys & Marcus Moeller for giving their 200% to organize and make real this FUDCon. Thank you guys, you did a really great job!

We arrived in Zurich in Friday at 6:20am and after dropping our bags in the Hotel and having a breakfast, we headed to FUDCon / FrOSCamp venue.

The first day in FUDCon was really awesome. I had the chance to meet again beloved friends (WE LOVE PERV Nicu and Andrian), our new Fedora Project Leader (thank you Jared) and many more cool guys I didn’t have the chance to meet before.

After Jared’s warm welcome and some chatting regarding FUDCon in other regions, I had the chance to participate in Tom’s (spot) Callaway workshop. Tom taught us how to create our fist package! Yes, I had the chance to create my first package which actually respects all the guidelines! Thank you very much Tom.

Then it was time to participate in a wonderful brainstorm talk regarding Campus Ambassadors Program in Bert’s Desmet workshop. Actually we had a long chat trying to define if the Campus Ambassador was better to be a Special Interest Group than a team inside Ambassadors program. Finally we decided to bring it up in the mailing list (for one more time), with better ideas and a lot of proposals.

Later on was Jaroslav’s Reznik turn to present us Fedora’s Management and Configuration Interface in the talk room. Then it was time for Jesse Keating and Release Engineering SOPs. Jesse present us some Standard Operating Procedures we have in Fedora and show us some really easy steps on how to help. I found his workshop really interesting and I decided to help them out with their tasks.

Finally I am really happy for being in Mairin’s Duffy talk regarding Inkscape and Gimp. I have to admit that from now I on, I am not willing to miss Mairin’s future talks. Her presentation was really awesome, perfect structured, with live demos and a lot of QA. Eventually GIMP and Inkscape is not that hard to use.

Alright, it is now time to have some fun in Wired Party with a lot of free beer, tablet soccer and good music! it was really awesome except our table soccer defeats.

Unfortunately we (me, Pierros, Vangelis) were too tired to fun enough and we headed back to the hotel to get some rest.

More good to come and this is just the beginning! 😀

You can check some photos in my picasa album.