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  • Starting a project – the open source way

    Starting a project – the open source way

    You should start/build your project in a way where anyone can help you build it or evolve your work. What’s the purpose of building something on your own when you can build it faster and in a more efficient way with others? Nowadays we have all the tools and resources we need in order to…

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  • Install fonts in Linux

    Scenario: You just downloaded some cool fonts and you want to use them on your presentation at LibreOffice Presentation. The fonts are some *.ttf files and you don’t know how to use them or where to put them. Solution: Create a folder named “.fonts” in your home directory and place the files in there. It…

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  • Invert colours in PDF files

    Today I faced to following problem. I wanted to print an ugly presentation which was stored in a PDF file. And I say ugly because the background was bright blue and the font of the text, yellow! Printing this beauty in a printer will definitely empty all the ink in the first 10 pages. That’s…

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