Greek Code Camp 2009 – Gentlemen, start your engines

The time is 1:45 pm and the Greek Code Camp 2009 is up and running for the past few hours.

The weather is quite hot but windy, the sea is angry but the view is quite relaxing. So we have the best efforts! It’s time for some quality hacking 🙂

Earlier conversation:

Houtouridis Christos: “My cousin is pregnant! I am so happy!! I’ve just got a phone call”

Manolis Kagias: “Don’t be so enthusiast, your nephew is still embedded”

Greek Coding Camp – Counting days

The Greek Coding Camp 09 is counting days and the signed up projects are up to 9. All of them are and will be very useful for the Greek foss users. We have projects for translators, FreeBSD users, Linux Users, programmers and generally all free & open source hackers.

If you are a Greek hacker and you still thinking about attending to the camp don’t give a second thought! Just sign up and join us. Cold beers and hot girls are waiting for you.

Greek Coding Camp (GCC09) – Chania 2009

Heads up guys! It will be a codeful with a lot of beers and hacking summer.

We will get all together in a camp at Chania in Greece. We will hack, translate, design but first we will have fun. All Greek Foss community will be at Chania in Crete island in 4-7 of July. Will you attend?

The program is not defined yet with 8 projects are signed up to work with. You can find more details in Greek at the Greek Coding Camp’s wikidot page or you can sign up at the mailing list. You can also follow us at twitter.