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  • FUDCon Paris 2012 – review

    This year was time for a beloved city to host our annual FUDCon in EMEA. A beloved city with a great community which organized an awesome FUDCon! This FUDCon had everything and I mean everything! Marketing, awesome presentations, technical presentations and workshops, swag production (yeah!) and a lot of brainstorming hackfests!

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  • FUDCon Milan post #1

    Good morning from Milan! I am really excited attending my third FUDCon especially in the beautiful city of Milan. For those who have no idea what is FUDCon just take a look to the following link. Yesterday was unofficially the first day of Fudcon with some sightseeing, a lot of free food and a lot…

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  • FUDCon Zurich 2010 Day 2-3 and +1

    FUDCon Zurich is unfortunately over and I haven’t posted anything excepts day one! Day two was really interesting with a lot of nice talks and workshops. The day’ started with Jared Smith pointing out some enlightening points about Fedoras Future. Jared began his talk with a question about who we think is the worst enemy…

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  • Nicu got PWNED!!!!

    It was a relaxing walk in Zurich’s downtown, until Nicu got pwned! Precious badge! It’s finally mine!! 😀 Thank you Nicu!!!! 😀

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  • FUDCOn Zurich day 1

    Yesterday (Friday) I didn’t have the chance to blog anything because we were asleep for almost 38 hours. First of all i want to thank Sandro Mathys & Marcus Moeller for giving their 200% to organize and make real this FUDCon. Thank you guys, you did a really great job! We arrived in Zurich in…

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  • Road to FUDCon Zurich 2010 day -0.2

    Hello fellow Fedorias. This is a late post, 2 hours before our flight with Pierros and Vagelis to Zurich for FUCon EMEA 2010. We are really excited and happy to meet again beautiful people and wonderful friends! See you in 6 hours guys!

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