FUDCon Milan post #1

Good morning from Milan!

I am really excited attending my third FUDCon especially in the beautiful city of Milan.

For those who have no idea what is FUDCon just take a look to the following link.

Yesterday was unofficially the first day of Fudcon with some sightseeing, a lot of free food and a lot of mojitos! Fortunately we could wake up this morning for the officially first day of the event.

After a small talk from Jared Smith our Project leader, anyone who wanted to make a presentation, took a paper, wrote his idea and stood up to explain his idea/project.

Later on everyone took a pen and voted the presentations he wanted to attend in order to create a fair schedule with 5 parallel sessions.

I am stop blogging to attend some cool presentations.

That’s the schedule for the next 2 hours.

Till my next blog post you can view the twitter stream of the event for the latest updates!