Hello, my name is Christos Bacharakis and I am geek college student who lives in beautiful Macedonia region here in Greece. In daytime I work as a teacher, teaching bash scripting to college students.

At night I am involved to Fedora project, in a couple of local FOSS communities and in my free time I try to promote Linux and generally FOSS ideas. I  like Free & Open Source products and generally messing around with them.

You can mail me at: christos AT bacharakis DOT com

Also available at gtalk,skype under: cmpahar AT gmail DOT com

you can also find my tweets at: http://twitter.com/bacharakis

Facebook name: “Christos Bacharakis

Thank you for visiting my site. Happy hacking and take care.

Enjoy 🙂


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Chris;
    Your Webpage is cool. The AI horizon is infinite. It is for young people like you to conquer it.
    You have my best wishes and remember, I stand by you to help any way I can.

    Best Regards

  2. χμμ i can see you drop drupal (at last m8!) and now running wordpress (nice choise 😉 )

    ενα οραιο comment απο εναν παλιο φιλο 😉


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