Fedora 10 Release Party Review

Hey folks!

Where were you this Saturday? We were at Thessaloniki city celebrating the brand new Fedora 10! It was great! We had drinks, laptops, women (yeah, it’s true), a lot of fun and a lot of flames!

It was a success! Pierros (Papadeas) and Constantinos (Antonakoglou) brought from Athens Digital week many flyers, 3 posters, many many stickers and their stories from Athens Digital week and Patras’ Hackfest!

Don’t forget to mention a guy who came in a hurry, asking for a condom right away. He was needed it (he said). The waitress downstairs told him that the programmers at the first floor were giving condoms for free. Oh my god. We knew that Fedora 10 is safe by we didn’t knew it was THAT safe. Although it’s not a bad idea. We can print and distribute condoms with the Fedora Logo printed on. 😉

I can say for sure that you missed a great event. Till next time, download and try the beautiful Fedora 10


2 responses to “Fedora 10 Release Party Review”

  1. The condoms idea is fine, all you have to do now is find the right sponsor for that 😛

    On a more serious note, please don’t make comments that add to the myth that computers are “men’s stuff” and the presence of a woman (or more) is something extraordinary and really worth mentioning. It is really bad imo.

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