Different RSS feeds in the same WordPress blog

Recently I joined the Mozilla Reps program where there is http://planet.mozillareps.org/ which an aggregator for all Mozilla Rep’s blogs.

In addition as a Fedora Contributor my blog posts show up in the http://planet.fedoraproject.org which is a Fedora contributor’s aggregator as well.

The issue I had is that some of my blog posts are referred to the Fedora Project and they don’t have nothing to do with Mozilla. That’s why I had to separate and aggregate/push my Fedora related post to Fedora planet and my Mozilla related to Reps planet.

All my blog posts had the proper tagging and have been categorized in different categories. So after some search the solution was quite obvious.

The RSS feed for a selected tag – mozilla for example – is:


If I want to provide blog posts based on the category is could be like this:


Simple enough, right? There are more hacks in this link.

So you can now provide as much feeds as you like based on the tags without worrying about messing blog posts in different aggregators.



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