FUDCon Brno 2008

Day 1

Today was FUDCon’s first day and everyone is excited. The main conference room was almost full!

The first day is a hackfest day with the following projects need to be hacked:

I joined Transifex project and tried to package it after studying a lot of “creating rpms” how to’s and tutorials. — No lucky today, I will try on Sunday again.

I got finally the chance to meet from close Max, Fabian, Nicu and Diego and chat for a while — great guys!

I also had the chance to chat with the OLPC guys and discuss about educational software and what is the  teacher’s view about the idea of One Laptop Per Child.

After the events me, Dimitris, Diego and a bounce of local people went to a really underground pub to taste Czech kitchen and Czech bear. I have to admit that both where wonderful!

On our way home we were only me, Dimitris and Diego — no local to show us the way. We found the right tram stop, took the right tram but we couldn’t remember in which stop we have to stop. We read the tram’s stops names really carefully and decided in which stop we will get off. It was the next stop so we had to push the stop button. I searched the hole tram very carefully and found two buttons so I pushed them both. Unfortunately the second red button with the tag “STOP” was the emergency stop button and the tram instantly stopped. The results were: One old lady from the force moved really fast to the front of the tram and sat with a great force to a sit. An another old man couldn’t find something to grab and keep his balance so he pressed his head against the tram’s front glass. Instantly Dimitris and Diego start laughing while I was shocked. From that time everybody says to me: “Christos, don’t push the red button”!

Don’t forget to thanks Max and all Red Hat employees from RH’s Brno office for organizing a great event. Thank you guys!


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