FUDCon Brno 2008 – Traveling back home

Traveling back home

I am flying over Europe right now to the way home and I have to admit that FUDCon is the best experience I had until now! For five days I was with a bounce of great hackers from all over the world sharing experience and ideas. How cool is that? You see, when you are with people that have common interests, ideas and they are just like you, you can start a discussion and never stop analyzing everything and I mean Everything. Especially when you start a discussion with a couple of beers, probably you will end up with 5 or 6 empty beer glasses but learned a lot and maybe solved many problems that you were working on. Except the social events, FUDCon had many presentations and enough hackfest topics too. So, we learned new stuff, hacked, drunk beer and connected with the hole globe (The warning light “PLEASE FASTEN SEAT BELT” just turned on, we approaching Macedonia Airport at Thessaloniki). I am looking forward for the next FUDCon somewhere on the globe. 😉
Thank you all for that great experience!







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