OLPC lightning talk

While I was travelling back home from Brussels to Thessaloniki, i had to stop to Zurich’s airport to change flight. For changing the flight I had to pass for one more time the security check. As you know the procedure is to place the laptop alone on a separate basket to check it with X rays. So i placed my laptop and the OLPC which I was carrying on with me on two separate basket for the security check. After I passed the security check and the X-rays, the security guards came and asked me what was that (OLPC). Immediately I started telling them about the One laptop per child idea, movement and foundation and the sugar operating system. Suddenly a bounce of security guards who saw the machine approached and start asking questions. The guards were pretty excited and they kept saying how cool and beautiful is the hole idea of OLPC and that I have to go on and inform more and more people about this movement. I also informed them how to get one, donating another and they seemed willing to do it.

Thank you Pierros for giving me the OLPC. 🙂


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