Giving a Fedora talk at Thessaloniki’s audience

I am extremely happy! The past week, GreekLUG invited me to give some talks about Fedora and i was instantly responded. That’s why this Sunday at 18:00  I will have a presentation at University of Macedonia, about Fedora as an operating system. After the talk the attendances will experience the new cool futures of the Fedora 12 release.

Probably next week the same day and time I will give a second talk about Fedora as a community and let the people who will attend to experience the magic of the Fedora community.

Additional Pierros Papadeas gave me GlezosOLPC (I am very happy about that) for presenting it to north Greece and probably I will give a third talk about Sugar spin.

More announcements will be announced soon!


One response to “Giving a Fedora talk at Thessaloniki’s audience”

  1. Είμαι σίγουρος πως η ομιλία σου θα είναι τέλεια!Θα ήθελα και εγώ να παρεβρεθώ ως επισκέπτης.Μπορείς να μου πείς σε ποιό χώρο του πανεπηστημίου θα γίνει?Για να μην ψάχνω τελευταία ώρα….

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